Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to our Blog!

Can you smell it? Can you hear it? It's the crackling fire - the smoke is rising up to the trees, the sky is clear, the stars are bright! A guitar or two is strumming and the air is filled with the sounds of laughing children. I love sitting here in the Victory Circle. If only these trees could talk - the stories they would tell!

They might tell of 61 years of children and adults sitting under their branches, roasting marshmallows with sticky fingers. Or maybe they would speak of the tears that were shed as a young boy shared of a rough home life he would be returning to...but with a newfound faith in Jesus Christ. If only trees could speak...

Oh but they DO!

They speak of the glory of God! Their trunks point to their Creator and their branches reach out and give HIM the glory!

Here at the Victory Circle - we want to share with you what God is doing here at Camp Gilead. The Victory Circle has always been a place of reflection. Reflections inward as well as outward.

We will post as much as we can, with a few pictures here and there. More pictures can always be found on our website:

Staff begin to arrive tomorrow! Hard to believe that it's here already! We will have a few program staff members that will begin to arrive for training and preparation. These training times are so valuable and important to the cohesiveness of our staff. We don't just learn about "boating and bb guns" but instead we learn about leadership, and serving, photography and personalities. Guest speakers these next few weeks of training include: Paul Hill, Molly Nickles, Randal Pollard, Jim Mailloux and Tom Ruhlman.

Program Staff 2009 Members:
Erika Heins - Day Camp Director
Megan Stephens - Program Staff
Jason Quey - Program Staff
Jeremy Costalez - Progam Staff
Craig Haskins - Guys High School Staff Leader
Megan Franklin - Girls High School Staff Leader

The Victory Circle is always open. It's never locked up and we'll keep the logs on the fire as long as you'd like to sit. Meet us here again and we'll share with you some of the victories, memories and daily happenings that take place on these blessed 27 acres in Carnation WA.

Kimberly Mallory, Program Director


  1. Love the name! Have an awesome summer! May God be glorified! Marianne Badgley

  2. Love the blog name! Perfect! So excited to see it up and running :)

  3. Perfect! I'm excited to read the posts over the next few months. Sue Lunsford

  4. Andre ZwanenburgJune 9, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Wonderful blog name.... Have a great summer and may God bring Joy to the campers and all the staff...

    You guys are awesome!!!!