Monday, June 15, 2009

coming full circle - by Craig Haskins

It was the summer of 2001 when I first set eyes on the summer program at Camp Gilead. I remember coming out with my two best friends Michael and Brandon. I remember being very nervous because I didn’t know any one beside my two friends and the worst part about it was that I wasn’t in their cabin!!! Even though I was separated from my buds I had a blast! God put me in the right place that summer and also for many summers to come.

This will be my fifth year being on staff here at Camp Gilead. Three years on the glorious high school staff and one year as a counselor. This year I will be on Program Staff as high school staff counselor. Through the years at camp I have gained friendships, made a million memories, cried many tears, washed a lot of dishes, and have had the opportunity to lead campers to Christ. I have experienced so many things here. One of my favorite memories around this victory circle was hearing a camper stand up and publicly thank Jack for starting the camp in 1948 even though he was born in the 50’s! Many funny and memorable stories have been created here and Gilead has been my summer home since I was a wee 16 years old.

Through my ministry at camp God has put on my heart to go into full time ministry with a focus on youth. Over the past three years I have had the opportunity working with youth in Renton. This summer God has brought me to the right place again. From an LIT in 2002 to high school staff counselor in 2009 God has truly brought me full circle.

Craig Haskins
High School Staff Counselor

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