Thursday, June 25, 2009

the view from the keyboard...'s cold out tonight! Welcome back to the fire here at the Victory Circle!

Camp life the last few days has been exciting and filled with activities, energy and memories!

We went on a huge slip n slide yesterday, hiked up river a bit to a clearing and had a picnic lunch under the trees, learned about dinosaurs and Creation, sang lots of new songs and hunted for hidden counselors.

One of the coolest parts of camp is definitely chapel time. The view from the keyboard is always interesting. From there I see campers singing, yawning, laughing, talking, NOT singing, sitting, falling asleep etc. Tonight was no different. Although - tonight, Pastor Jim went through the story of the Bible beginning at Adam and Eve and ending at the New Heaven & New Earth. Pastor Jim challenged the campers to make sure that they knew about their spiritual situation. Did they really know Jesus as the Savior of their life? Had they ever made that decision?

As I began playing "You Are My King" I looked out over the campers. Their voices rang clear and strong as the song began. I couldn't help but smile as I saw little boys closing their eyes and singing with all of their might. The sweet faces of little girls as they "prayed" as they sang. The intensity of a counselor worshipping before the Lord. The amazement of being part of something taking place before me that had eternal significance. Campers were walking towards the back ... getting ready to meet their counselor and do business with God.

The view from the keyboard is amazing and I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve in this way.

Tomorrow...the last day of camp. Obstacle course, the last chapel, and then...the Victory Circle.

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director (view daily pictures!)

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