Monday, June 29, 2009

Finish line...or starting line? from Megan Franklin

When I think about victory, I often think about ending, accomplishing or being done with something. We here at Camp Gilead though, have just begun.

I would not call myself a good writer, but taking our theme... In the Beginning ... and playing on words, I wanted to share how exciting it has been to watch the start of the summer ministry. This last week we had about 140 4th - 6th graders step onto the camp. As a staff, we were so eager to begin building relationships through community and creation by slip n sliding, singing, swimming, hiking, learning, sharing, eating, playing, sleeping and simply enjoying the atmosphere of summer camp.

By the end of the week were were sitting around the campfire hearing the reflections of campers.

Some campers were so excited about all they had learned about Creation in the Jonathan Park skit, others were excited about decisions they had made for the Lord, and others were just so glad there was a Camp Gilead.

It was a time of sharing New Beginnings. Whether it was a new relationship, a new favorite activity, or a new bit of truth about God, His Word, and His Work. I am excited to already see His goodness and grace in the lives of the staff and campers, and I pray that God will continue to bless and use us for this purpose from beginning to end.

Megan Franklin
Camp Gilead High School Staff Leader

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