Saturday, June 27, 2009

ashes and embers - from Jim Saunders, Jr Camp Pastor

Camp ministry is alive and effective! Not much, but faint embers visibly remain from tonight’s camp fire. Victory Circle outside our cabin is once again quiet with the campers now back in their cabins. Suddenly the quiet is interrupted by the croaking choir down by the pond and just as suddenly, they break for intermission. I reach for a Pepsi to wash down what remains from a Starbucks run earlier. Not wise for a man my age at this time of night; until I remember Cabin 17 thinks I am 32 years old. Their reward in heaven will be great, but still behind Cabin 3 who guessed my wife Kim to be age 20 something.

I feel drained of energy but my mind still continues to race and reflect. I could have included a visual illustration of the point I was trying to make, or maybe I should have been clearer or more detailed in the various applications, or….but it is what it is. As I listened to the testimonies, God has spoken and moved in campers’ lives in spite of me, and yet has wonderfully included me in the process. I feel happy but even more humbled. Several camp fire comments centered on unplanned illustrations that came back to me in the moment of speaking. I know what God did! I am so grateful that God showed up and am reminded that He alone deserves the glory.

It is what it is, but what will it be? Where does God want to take each of these campers, staff or me in the days ahead…and will we obediently follow Jesus? The embers may be nearly just ashes, but may the fire of God continue to burn hot and bright in each of us.

Pastor Jim Saunders
First Baptist Church - Connell WA
Junior Camp #1 Pastor

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