Friday, June 19, 2009

dinosaur name tags - from erika heins

For the last three years, Camp Gilead has been my place to serve, my place to come away from the routines of my home and place myself where my life—and, more importantly, Christ’s in me—can touch the lives of others.

Although one of our mottos is “camp is for the campers,” I have to say that camp has blessed not only campers but me. It’s given me the chance to see God work when I had no energy left. It’s given me glimpses of His power. And it’s burdened my heart for the spiritual needs of kids and their families—junior campers from broken and breaking homes, high schoolers struggling with the meaning and purpose of life, and junior highers wanting guidance but not wanting to ask for it.

This summer, I’m looking forward to working with a whole new group of kids—Camp Gilead’s youngest and newest additions to the camp family, the day campers. I just hope that every child comes away remembering that the God who spoke the world into existence loves them and wants a relationship with them. That’s the reason for every Excel schedule and laminated dinosaur name tag I’ll make this summer.

Erika Heins
Day Camp Director

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  1. Are you Anna Hein's sister? I'm her prayer partner this summer. Marsha Iddings