Tuesday, June 23, 2009

from melissa...counselor of cabin 5

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am the counselor of Cabin 5. This is my first year on staff at Camp Gilead and I have been having a blast so far this first week at camp!

Monday was the first day that many of these girls had ever met. But after only a few awkward conversations and silences, I was totally surprised by how friendly and outgoing each one of them are! It's only been 24 hours since I met them and I already feel like we know each other so well and I can talk to all of them without hesitation.

On our first day we did crafts and I had already noticed the girls' enthusiasm for art after they plastered our cabin door and walls with posters and pictures! The girls made little boxes at craft time that I told them to put their name on somewhere. When the boxes were dry, we put them in our cabin and I told them that they were for notes back and forth to each other (kind words only!)

It has been so much fun to write a little encouraging word here and there and also to receive them as well. This was a great activity that really helped to connect the girls and I'm positive that some of the relationships built here will continue on for years to come.

As the week continues I am excited to see what God has in store for all of us. He is working in each one of their hearts - even as you read this! Each day I pray that their relationship with God, as well as my own, will grow stronger and stronger.

Melissa Edwards
Counselor Cabin #5


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