Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's just camp...

Camp People, Camp Songs, Camp Jokes, Camp Culture...

Today we had our first day of training of our Program Staff for the summer. This is an amazing group - together they have 26 summers of experience under their belt!

Camp really is amazing. It brings people together like no other place can. These seven individuals probably wouldn't hang out on a daily basis in the "outside" world ... but we have had such a great time together today, planning, preparing, brainstorming, laughing, eating and talking camp! So much to plan and prepare for...the rest of the staff arrives on Sunday.

We sat tonight and sang together - as the frogs croaked and the crickets chirped - we lifted OUR voices to the LORD! What is it about singing songs at camp? There is just something special that brings you to the feet of Jesus. Maybe it is the simplicity of it all. No powerpoint. No microphones...just voices and the strumming guitar.

There is a Christian School group here having an all school retreat. So - even amidst the quiet of the fire - there are voices to be heard...laughing and playing...enjoying the outdoors. Experiencing camp. Experiencing play. Experiencing the joys of this life. Experiencing GOD!

Kimberly Mallory - Program Director

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