Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i love camp food...

Welcome back to the Victory Circle. The fire is bright...the air is muggy...and there's a bit of a mist in the air. But what a week it has been so far!

True to form - it seems like we've been together for weeks already and really...we've only all been together since Sunday! We have been doing so much each day - work projects, sessions with Jim Mailloux studying our personality types and differences as well as a "lively" discussion regarding Absolutes, Convictions and Preferences. Tonight we had the privilege to hear from Randy Pollard regarding What's Really Behind Evolution. All of these sessions will only help us as we stock our toolboxes full of tools from God's Word that He will bring out at just the right time as we speak to a camper.

The friendships are already forming and we are becoming a TEAM!

We are super excited for Monday when campers arrive - but still have a lot to accomplish.

The mosquitoes are really bad though. We are all getting eaten alive.

Isn't it funny when you sit by a campfire how random your thoughts are sometimes? Your mind bounces from one thing to the next and when you stop to consider how you got from that first thought to the one you are thinking now...there were about 10 other things in between.

I wonder what is for breakfast tomorrow? This morning's breakfast was a sack breakfast after our 7:10 AM staff meeting - out around camp talking about God's Creation and recognizing his character in it. We learned/talked about water, ants, trees, using our 5 senses and how God uses all of those things to point to Himself.

Dinner tonight was incredible. Manicotti, Caesar salad, corn, garlic toast and banana chocolate chip cake. Yay for camp food!

See you next time around the Victory Circle! Come back soon!

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director

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