Thursday, July 30, 2009

what makes a camp counselor smile?

Welcome back!

It was another HOT day today...not quite like yesterday, but we still kept the kids drinking from the water fountain, filling their water bottles and lathering up with sunscreen!

Today was the Camper Carnival - so we attempted to have as many "water events" as we possibly could! The campers all got tickets that enabled them to visit each booth at least one time. From my vantage point - it appeared that all were having a great time.

We ate lunch outside and then headed back to the cabins for an extra long R&R ... much to the counselor's excitement! Our counselors are working the hot sun...trying to keep campers spirits high and energy levels up. They all spend 23 hours a day with 9 - 12 campers...sometimes even through the night they are working tirelessly for the goal of glorifying the Lord Jesus through their actions and attitude. If you are a parent of a camper here this week and would like to thank your child's camp counselor in a tangible up on Saturday with a note of thanks, words of encouragement or maybe even a Starbucks! I'm sure that the pleasure of seeing their face would be impressed on your heart for many days to come!

Campers enjoyed yet another "pool mail call" and many had to walk the plank! We even had a "pirate counselor" that encouraged the campers to ... walk the plank! I am impressed at the amount of packages that come through Camp Gilead. We even had a huge "Camp Cookie" delivered yesterday from Mrs. Field's Cookies! It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen! There is just nothing like it. These hot summer days were MADE for camp. And these campers are living it up here. Thank you for the privilege of serving your kids. We look forward to another day with them tomorrow!

See you tomorrow around the campfire, here at Victory Circle.

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director

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