Monday, July 6, 2009

the morning of junior high camp...

I don't know about you - but I can remember the morning of camp.

It was almost enough to make you sick.

I have experienced and witnessed many Camp Monday Mornings.

First ... you wake up and are instantly excited. Never mind that you woke up several times earlier because you were SO excited and wondered if your alarm really was going to go off.

Then you can hardly eat breakfast because there are so many butterflies in your stomach and the thought of eating ... well it's almost too much.

For those that live close to camp ... the time can't go by quick enough. Is it time to pack the car? Is it time to get in the car? Is it time??? For those that live farther away - once you are in the car you wonder if you are EVER going to get there!

Then...your heart stops beating.

You are in Carnation. You pass the familiar landmarks. Then you are less than 1 mile away. It's almost more than your mind and body can handle and you just about feel like you are going to lose any breakfast you had in you. The excitement, anticipation, nervousness and expectation levels are at an all time high as you come within a mile of Camp Gilead.

Why are all the cars in front of you going SO SLOW???

You round the bend in the road...can you see the sign yet? Where is it...almost...THERE IS THE SIGN!!!!

You begin to see the staff outside the camp welcoming campers...They are cheering, excited that you have arrived. Oh - to be on STAFF. That must be the ultimate camp experience.

And as you drive into the familiar hill up into Camp Gilead...the excitement builds ...
Do you know anyone? Will your friends be there? Who will be your counselor? Will you have fun? Will you like it? What if you are in a cabin with people you don't know?

And your Camp Gilead week begins.

Can anyone relate? :)

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director

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  1. Yes, this is just how I remember it and expect it to be in 10 days time! It has been two years since I was there and I am really excited to return!