Monday, July 6, 2009

memories of last week's family camp...from Tom Ruhlman

Another great Family Camp for the Ruhlman family! It was small, but that just made for shorter lines, more personal service, and quieter nights! It was fun having two of our children with us and interacting with them in the small confines of a dorm room. I am always amazed how my wife and children make it through the week with all of my snoring! The fan helps...

Mike Roberts did a wonderful job in his study of Genesis, John, and Acts. The style was different, but we all learned from his presentation. He had done his homework, for sure! Kimberly and her worship team led us in warm-hearted worship. I learned a few great songs. The "Behemoth Song," and the "Woodpecker" song really got our juices flowing regarding creation. The whole staff was special this year. Cordial, happy, sincere, helpful, and kind. From Tab we had 12 campers, 6 staff members, and 15 that stopped by for a day. This was our 35th year at Family Camp! Becky and I came when we had no children, brought all of our 8 children over the years, and now enjoy coming with just a few! It has given us a week to enjoy together, to meet thousands over the years from other churches, and to be enriched from the Word from some powerful preachers, teachers, and pastors.

If you are reading this, and have never been to camp, or went once a while ago, why not consider making Family Camp at Gilead a yearly fixture in your summer schedule? Our children will concur of its value in their lives."

Tom Ruhlman
Pastor - Tabernacle Baptist Church, Shoreline WA

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