Sunday, June 30, 2013

#everythingweownisdamp - by Hannah Knight

As a Native Southern Californian, I was introduced to the Washington definition of a thunder/rain storm this past week. On the Wednesday of staff training week, after dinner, the rain started to fall. Now rain is not a rare occurrence in Southern California; it just doesn’t happen as much or as hard as here in Washington. What started as a light drizzle it proceeded to turn into buckets of rain being poured on our heads. Unfortunately for me, my jacket was left in the chapel and I was in the Dining Hall. Yet while I was worrying about my lack of a jacket, strangely, many staff members had peeled off their extra layers and were playing Ultimate Frisbee in the rain. Also, did I mention that there was also thunder and lightning going on as well? Anyway, rather than wait for the rain to stop, one other staffer and myself decided to make a run for the chapel to get our jackets. We were soaked within seconds. As we tried to avoid the larger puddles, we kept losing our breath because we were laughing so much.
For most of the week, it rained off and on. Yet even the rain led to bonding experiences!  Soon the "inside joke phrase" became #everythingweownisdamp.  Seriously, it is experiences such as this one that have really bonded this year’s staff. Being a new staff, one of my fears coming here was that I would be an outsider. However, each returning staffer has opened their hearts and welcomed new and returning staffers into their circle and hearts. We have all laughed together, held each other up (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). Staff Training Week has not only allowed us to learn and plan ways for every person that comes to Camp Gilead to have a great time, but spiritually has prepared our souls, so that everything we do pleases and serves God, as well as serve anyone who comes to Camp Gilead. Each one of us has been incredibly blessed to be able to come and work at Camp Gilead this summer, including myself. We are all so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this summer and so excited to meet all who come here.

Hannah Knight
Counselor Cabin 4

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