Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camp Staff: One big, crazy family! - Katie Powell

The moment summer 2012 ended, I began thinking about summer 2013 - my first year on college staff. God has really been working on humbling me throughout this last year as I prepared to be a counselor. I have had to learn some hard lessons and realize the importance of asking for help when I need it. The group of staff that God has brought together this summer have really been able to come around me and encourage me in my trials, and I am looking forward to 7 more weeks of growth with them.

This past week was full of singing, laughing, playing games, eating camp food, listening to Pastor Jim, driving to Yogurtland, and enjoying fellowship with old faces and new friends. It’s hard to believe that only ONE week has passed since I met some of these people that I will be living with for the rest of the summer, because I feel like we are already a strange and crazy family! There is hardly a place on camp that you can go where there isn’t a Disney song being sung, a game of ninja (or bunny-bunny tooki-tooki) being played, or a hilarious story being told. Memories are occurring on a daily basis here at Camp Gilead!

One of the people whom I am most thankful for this week is our speaker, Pastor Jim Mailloux. This is my second year attending staff training led by him, and I have experienced so much spiritual growth and understanding through his explanations of various tough issues that we will have to face as counselors. He is always there when we need someone to ask questions, and has made an effort to get to know each staff member individually. God was truly able to speak through him this week to better prepare our staff group for what we will have to face in the very near future.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement this summer! It is such a blessing to know that there are past staffers and campers and other fans of Camp Gilead out there, praying for us staffers as God works through us in the lives of these children.

Katie Powell
Counselor, Cabin 5

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