Monday, June 24, 2013

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Program Staff Training…

This is my second year on program staff serving as the guys High School Staff leader, so I had a general idea of what to expect driving in to camp this past Tuesday morning. I knew I was in for a lot of work, but I was going to have a great time doing it, and this past week didn’t disappoint. We’ve spent many hours talking, planning, and organizing the program for this summer and in the process I’ve grown very close to my fellow program staff. What’s great about this year is I’ve had the opportunity to work with all the program staffers before and have come into this week with existing friendships.
This group is certainly a very creative and fun group to be around and I am excited to see how God is going to use us this summer. If you’ve noticed some of the pictures on the Camp’s Facebook lately, we’ve had a lot of fun going to different locations to take in the scenery and culture of our theme, as well as record some fun video stuff. It's great working with such a creative group where we can bounce ideas off each other, laugh about stuff and then quickly iron out thoughts and ideas. This team has great leadership skills and has the ability to see the “big picture." Now, bring in the staff and let’s get to work! (:
Andrew Anderson
Guys High School Staff Leader

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