Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I like knowing God the Jared Hageman

Touchdown Beavers! Hawks win! Goodbye baseball! These phrases make me think of my favorite sports teams and some of the great moments I’ve had following them. These teams might provide entertainment sometimes, but I like knowing God the best! This summer, I have had a front row seat to what God is doing in so many lives.

I have seen God work in an impressive amount of campers’ lives this summer. Some of them trusted in Him for salvation for the first time! What value does a college football upset have compared to a person being saved from the penalty and power of their sin?

Many campers came to camp already believing in Christ and it was awesome to see them learn more about Him and have a better relationship with Him. Many were challenged to put Him first in their lives, to spend time in His Word, and to share His love with others.

Even as a staff member, I learned a ton and was encouraged in my walk with God. One of the greatest lessons I learned this summer was about how awesome God is. I used to sing the line “Forever, author of salvation” (in Mighty to Save) as a general statement. I always thought about how God sent His Son to die for our sin. Now, I sing that line thinking about the fact that God authors salvation in every life. God didn’t just write part of the salvation story, He wrote every individual chapter!

I have struggled in writing this, simply because it isn’t possible to put into words just how awesome God is and how much work He did at camp this summer. All I can say is that every other aspect of my life looks quite trivial after this summer. Sure, I’m still looking forward to all the fun events on my calendar, but I like knowing God the best because only His work has eternal value!

Jared Hageman
Camp Counselor
Cabin 14 * Summer 2009

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