Monday, August 12, 2013

The Simple Gospel - Craig Johnston

This last week ranks as one of the best weeks of camp that I have been part of.  It was amazing and refreshing to watch the Holy Spirit's convicting power.  The gospel is both simple and powerful.

In my life, I prayed the sinner's prayer at a young age, but I never repented from my sins.  I continued living in sin, thinking myself to be saved.  It was not until I repented and turned away from my sin surrendering every part of myself to follow God, that I was saved and received salvation.  The change in lifestyle was instant and dramatic.  This week, I had many campers in my cabin who were in the same spot I once was.  Thinking themselves to be saved, they lived in sin.  Though they professed Christ with their mouths, they lived as though He had not given them a commandment to obey.

The speaker this week had good messages and gave many practical ways to follow God after camp.  The camper's learned that each of us have broken God's law by sinning and because God is just, holy and good, He will give us exactly what we deserve...hell.  It isn't until a person comes to an understanding that because of their sins, they deserve this punishment that they can repent unto salvation.  Some campers were convicted, some prayed and surrendered to God this week and others said they would when they got home. 

It is truly an honor to see the Holy Spirit work in people, both saved and unsaved.  After seeing what happened in these camper's lives this last week, I am excited to see what else God will bring in the last week of camp. 

Craig Johnston

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