Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Perspectives - by Jessica Cooper

Time flies! I can’t believe it’s our second to last week here at C+G! It has been a marvelous summer filled with memories and such grand times. Last week during high school camp I was able to interact with the campers more than I am usually able to and remembered how fun it is to have a cabin full of girls. Last year when I was a counselor I was with my gals 23/7 and while sometimes it was tiring I loved it! Being on Program Staff this year has been quite a transition, I see the camp through completely new eyes. I see God using the little things such as cabin bible time as I walk about and take pictures, I see cabins bonding together over a meal as I dismiss to seconds, I see campers form friendships while sitting waiting for pop’s inn, I see teams grow together as they cheer for their team during tug of war, I see counselors pouring out God’s love on their campers, with smiles, cheers, hugs, encouragement, wise words, and so on. I love to just sit and watch them do the work of the Lord. Every single one of the counselors is working hard to show God’s love to each of these campers and they are doing a terrific job. God has been working in the lives of all who come to this place.
Jessica Cooper
Girls High School Staff Counselor

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