Sunday, August 5, 2012

God is MOVING! - by Jessica Cooper

God is moving!  He is here at camp and changing lives!  Campers are turning to Him and giving up their lives for His sake.  Struggling individuals are trusting HIM and letting go of entrapments.  Those who have walked away or gotten distracted ar falling at His feet and worshipping their Creator once again!  Kids are surrendering areas of weakness for HIS glory!

A lot of campers come from really tough lives at home, but they are putting their faith in Christ.  They are not asking God to change the situation, but to change their attitude towards it.  Lifetime commitments are being formed.  Lasting friendships are created.

God's followers are creating bonds that may last a lifetime.  We worship HIM throughout the day:  in chapel, while waiting in line, on hikes, while eating lunch and when we go to sleep!  Encouragement is on the lips of every staff member.  I'm sure there is always someone praying.  I can look around and witness God's glory, love and power.

Troubles do arise though.  When 12 girls spend all the time together (eating, sleeping, playing, etc) drama will surely begin!  But God uses the strengths one has to build up the weaknesses of others.  Forgiveness is asked.  Lessons are learned.  Friendships are strengthened and life goes on. 

Life at camp is incredible.  Nothing can compare to all that happens here.  It's a time where you are encouraged, challenged, strengthened, enlightened and get to have FUN!!!  I promise you after just a week at camp your life will never be the same. 

Jessica Cooper
Camp Gilead Counselor

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