Monday, August 6, 2012

Mountains, Valleys & Glue by Sara Gardner

"Ask and it will be given to you, and you will find, knock and the door will be opened." - Matthew 7:7-8

Camp is a place of dependence.  It is here that we must rely most heavily on each other.  It is also here that I feel God is most benevolent in giving us those "mountain top" moments.  Or to phrase it better , it is here that we are most willing to let our hearts experience these moments.  Even though there are days when we are not willing to ask, not willing to seek, and not willing to knock, God is still waiting to give, still waiting to reveal and still waiting to open the door. 

The funny thing is, the more that is asked of you, the more you have to ask of the next person.  This is why camp is a place of dependance.  The more a camper tires you and tests your patience, the more you need that encouragement from the next staffer, and the more you need that time with God. 

We, as a staff, are the binding glue that holds the tools together that God uses to carve away at each camper's heart. 

I have seen some tough campers in my short days here, and it is often difficult to hold together.  Because the demands of us are great, our demands are even greater.  Yet no matter what our demand, God will still give, He will still reveal and He will still open the door.

You see, camp is not a place of mountain top moments just because God decided to let them happen more frequently here.  These moments happen because people only come here if they are willing to risk the moments in the valley.  A moment in the valley is the beginning of a mountain climb.  Each step you takes you closer to God and anything in His will, he will surely give you.  One day, you may realize and look back to realize that you are standing on a mountain top of blessings that God has given you.  Everyone that you asked for, however demandingly, was given to you without hesitation. 

If you ask, it will be given you, if you seek, you will find and if you knowck the door will be opened.  So I challenge you, ask for a mountain top, but be ready for the climb! 

Sara Gardner
Camp Gilead Counselor In Training (CIT)

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