Saturday, July 21, 2012

Curve Balls - Anna Heins

As a 2nd year counselor, I have a bit more experience with cabins, but that doesn't mean I have everything down.  There will always be "curve balls" that the Lord throws at us to stretch us.  This week has certainly been one of those "curve balls!" 

I love working with younger kids and was definitely excited for the youngest group of the summer.  Each cabin is of course different but there are always things that come with junior campers - them adoring you, always wanting to hold your hand, copying everything you do ...

Monday morning came and I was so excited to meet my group of campers.  After they arrived, it didn't take long to see that my cabin dynamics were very different.  I had a couple of older girls, a few younger ones, and a couple that would have been more than happy to take my place as counselor for the week!

Though it's been a little tough, it has been cool to see them bond together as a cabin.  At cabin Bible time, the older girls mostly read but that's ok because the younger ones were learning from their example!

Unlike what the world is teaching the younger girls are unconsciously teaching the older girls to enjoy being young and to not grow up too fast.  They are all enjoying the activities and each learning about God in their different way.

Though it's not what I was expecting, I am praying that God will use me to teach these girls more about Christ.  God will work through any group and He has been working in my cabin.  They have been learning to apply the story of Joshua to their lives.  It's been such an encouragement to see these girls learn how to rely on God to be strong & courageous in their everyday lives!

Anna Heins
Camp Gilead Counselor - Cabin 7

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