Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...just stirring the coals of the fire!

Hello from the Camp Gilead Victory Circle!  It's been QUITE some time since we've met here ... and brrr... it IS a little cold right now.  We're going to attempt to get THIS going (blog) again this year ... because I do realize that there are some that like to come to the fire every now and then! 

Currently here at Gilead we just finished up our 2nd annual 5K benefitting camper scholarships!  It was a great success and we are excited to see who the Lord brings to camp this summer as a result of so many participating in this exciting event.  Maybe some of THOSE campers will stand around a campfire someday and give thanks to the Creator of the Universe for saving them from eternal separation from Him.  All because someone ran a 5K ... you just never know how the little things in life matter! 

What little things are you doing for Him today?  They might go unnoticed by the masses, but in eternity - it matters!  Holding your tongue when your child asks you that same question ... again.   Diligently doing what your parents told you to ... even when it's not really what YOU want to be doing.  Obeying, listening, trusting, seeking, praying, giving, reading, loving, caring ... all of these things DO matter.  Even if no one notices.  God does! 

It amazes me how many people over the years have given to the ministry of Camp Gilead ... and may not have even had the privilege of knowing how God used THEIR gifts, THEIR money, THEIR time to bring so many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  It is my prayer that through this blog and other means ... that a window into the ministry of Camp Gilead will be opened.  For some of you ... this is a beloved place of your past.  You made a decision here, you had the privilege of witnessing others make those decisions, you invested your summer here.  For others ... you might just be wondering, "What exactly happens at Camp Gilead?" 

Join us here at the Victory Circle this summer ... you'll see.  It's God's work.  It's incredible. 

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director

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