Wednesday, June 20, 2012

fire supplies ... getting ready!

We are just minutes away from some very excited program staffers to arrive!  Today marks the "official" start of summer camp ... training for program staff this week, training for college staff & CITs next week, then family camp and the following week is our first week of youth camp! 

You might think ... what is there to learn about being a camp counselor?  It's just hanging out with kids and building relationships right?  Talk about Jesus, play with them, a little canoeing and swimming and ... that's what they'll do all summer right?

These college and high school students that have devoted their summer to the Lord in service at Camp Gilead will be learning so much in the next few weeks.  If you think about all of the different "hats" they might wear during their week as a camp staff member ... ask a mom what she does all day!  Teacher, doctor, lawyer, judge, chef, friend, trash collector, accountant, housekeeper ... and the list could go on! 

These students will learn about all the activities at Camp Gilead as well as age characteristics of children, how to listen, how to teach a Bible lesson, how to manage a cabin of campers, how to lead a camper to Christ, how to deal with homesickness, ADD, bedwetting and a host of other camper related issues.  One thing they they may not anticipate learning about ... is themselves.  These next few weeks will be days of growth together, building relationships with other staff as well as being taught important truths from the Word of God. 

Our staff pastor, Jim Mailloux, will help these staffers look at their lives and begin to prepare for their ministry and leadership this summer and how their relationship with the Lord has to come first before they can give to kids. 

Well...the first car has arrived so I must be going.  Please pray for Camp Gilead, the staff and those teaching these next few weeks!  To God be the glory ... great things HE has done!!!

Kimberly Mallory
Program Director

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