Monday, July 12, 2010

the first day of camp...

Hey - thanks for joining me at the victory circle today...

Do you remember your first day of camp? This is not just ANY first day of camp - but the first day of camp for our staff as well!

Remember the nervousness you felt as you drove into camp wondering WHO your counselor would be?

Emotions were flying high today as junior highers arrived from all over the Pacific Northwest to embark on a week of memories, activities and potentially life changing moments.

There are about 3 times as many girls here as there are boys ... it makes for some interesting dynamics!

We are excited about our first week of camp - as staff! Even though it's not super hot - the energy is high! Campers are enjoying the outdoors, experiencing new activities and for some, learning how to play! Riflery, archery, swimming, slip n slide and mini golf are just a few of these fun choices campers have throughout the week. It is sure to be a memorable experience.

Our speaker this week is Dan Waldeck from The Master's College. Pray for him if you remember. While the speaker is not the only spiritual influence in the week - he is definitely the catalyst for many spiritual discussions. These campers come with much more than just their luggage. Pray for them as well!

We'll try to meet up here again throughout the week. No promises ... it can get pretty busy out here and it's hard to find time to sit down. We'll do our best though.

Until next time...

Kimberly Mallory
Program Director

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