Thursday, June 24, 2010

fun and the SUN!

The Program Staff arrived on Tuesday! I can hardly believe it - we've had 3 straight days of gorgeous blue sunny skies and heat! As I got up this morning for an early AM walk - I was greeted with the misty fog that us Carnationites enjoy so much...and signals the promise of a warm day!

"So...just what do you DO during Program Staff training?" a first year Program staff member asked early in the week.

Well...last night we enjoyed dinner at Claimjumpers Restaraunt. Later on in the evening, we played games until way too late...

Is it all just fun and games?


Each week, each day, each minute of camp is planned with fun and games in mind! Is it all just so that kids and staff can have a good time?

Definitely not!

Each event is prayerfully considered and evaluated to make sure that it matches with our goal of helping campers to understand who Jesus is and how He impacts their life personally.

For some campers it is the realization for the FIRST time that there is a God who loves them, died for their sins and wants to save them from eternity without Him! For other campers, it is the acknowledgement that they have strayed from God's Word in their daily life and a recommitment to come back to what they know is true and right. And for still other campers it is a refreshment and encouragement to continue on in the straight and narrow path of following Christ as they encourage their fellow cabinmates and their counselors and any other staff members that they encounter.

This is what we do at Program Staff Training.

Kimberly Mallory
Program Director

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